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Oh heeeeeeey :D
My name is Jess
I love to just chill and reblogging things is my speciality ^^
Really like Kpop <3
I would love to meet new peeps :D
I dont bite ;D

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although Taemin’s was embarrassing, no one can top Joon’s…I mean he literally ripped his own pants with his…hands…and legs…and stuff. 

credit to the original uploaders


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I’m so over people being stupid. 

It was not the DJ’s fault that someone killed themselves. Yes it is extremely tragic and probably shouldn’t have been done but there was obviously something else going on to go to the extent of suicide. 

Now the radio station are handling it very badly, the DJ’s are being made out like everything was their fault. HELLLOOOO The radio station had to have approved it to be aired but yet their not getting into shit. 

I’m so sick of hearing about this on the news. Its the same stuff over and over again. GRRR. 

Sorry if I’ve offended anyone I’m just having a total rant cos I’m sick of seeing the same thing over and over again on the TV and hearing the same things over and over on the radio. 

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Here’s my apology.

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